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  1. Talin 9/11/14 - 2:41

    I like it very much, I could not read all of it because I am trying to study at the moment 🙂 My English isnt very well, sorry about it. bye 🙂

  2. Brian 27/12/14 - 3:22

    Very cute

    Let’s see.. Understanding how procrastination works, using pomodoro technique to offset procrastination, sleeping and taking breaks, actively reading and quizzing yourself to find loopholes and mistakes to learn from.

    What do I win?

  3. Ana Angela 4/1/15 - 9:31

    I’d love it.

  4. Ligia 15/1/15 - 2:04

    Little long but excellent exposure.

  5. Phara from Paris 23/1/15 - 11:44

    I enjoyed it very much. Excellent scenario, nice drawings, clear concepts, bad habits of students are understood and tackled one by one. I was Sofia 20 years ago, working 32 hours a week (3 nights included) and studying at university. I would simply divide the story in chapters for pedagogy focus and make it a real BD. Merci merci.

  6. Valery 24/1/15 - 5:16

    Awwww >.< It's the cutest thing I see about procrastination and learning effectively

  7. Margarida 31/1/15 - 9:09

    I love it. it´s very interesting.

  8. Pattty 1/2/15 - 1:45

    Thank you for sharing it!!!! It´s very useful.

  9. Maria Moutsiou 4/2/15 - 3:36

    Very nice indeed, dear mooc -mate. I really enjoy it . More over i enjoy the part that you reconsilitate all parts of Sofia (the angel and the diabolo) at the end,which is amazing -as a mesage to a child-and shows that you know many things about yourself, also. To the technicla level, I would recommened to put chapter titles, the story will be much benefit by this, I suppose. Congratulations, keep up this good work and do something more of it.

  10. Marina 6/2/15 - 10:08

    Simply wonderful! It’s worth spending some time reading once you will use your time better later. It’s clear, easy to read, efficient and cute… Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Kimberly Self 8/2/15 - 12:53

    I like this. Very interesting and cute.

  12. Nonato Sousa 12/6/15 - 10:58

    Wow, it’s an amazing tip!!! I’ll practice it…

  13. Violeta 23/8/15 - 9:02

    Iuhuuuuu !! :), I loved it. 🙂
    It is a way, To don’t go away, from the course learning to learn. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

  14. Bill 23/8/15 - 10:20

    Very well done! The cartoons illustrated the concepts in Learning to Learn very effectively. If someone has a question about the English meaning, I would d be happy to help. I know Spanish, French, Italian, some German and some Portuguese.

  15. Jan 27/11/15 - 8:55

    This is amazing! Your’e a genius.

  16. soumya 30/11/15 - 3:56

    this is really great.. good work 🙂 keep it up:)

  17. vedat uslu 29/12/15 - 5:14

    this technical education method is important and necessary but not only in education
    I used to this method for another busyness
    when ı was doing sports for healt I was used to this method and successful

  18. Casper Bratvold 25/1/16 - 4:55

    Is it possible to translate it to other languages? I would live to translate it to danish to my children….

  19. Melina 25/1/16 - 8:06

    Hi Casper, If you provide the translation I can edit a Danish version and host along the other translations. I sent an e-mail with the transcript.

  20. Peter Papesch 26/3/16 - 2:48

    Compliments for a very well-produced summary. It’s doubly helpful to persons who have taken the LHTL course, because it covers the same material in a different and very visual manner, which appeals to us visual learners.

  21. Eric 8/4/16 - 8:48

    Good to have it under visual shape. It adds up one more layer to remember what we´ve seen in the course. And i found it really skilled to be able to make that sequence of drawings! I tried to imagine myself doing it and realized : wow, what a dedicatio, man.
    I´ll recommend it in my Facebook. Thanks for this Little present.

  22. Luiz Sants 21/4/16 - 10:50

    Awesome! Where can i find more of your work?

  23. Melina 22/4/16 - 9:06

    Hi Luiz, you can find all of my work in this website. There is not a lot, but I hope I can add more in the future.

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